What's New in Motor Insurance

Are you driving less?

Have you stopped to think about how the pandemic has changed your driving habits? If you were previously commuting to the office and are now working from home, you may find that you are on average driving far fewer kilometres. Social distancing has curtailed many of our social activities, shopping expeditions and weekend trips all of which means your car probably spends a lot more time parked than in previous years. 

Insurers who are offering policyholders discounts on car insurance

Prompted by significant changes in the daily routines of South Africans, three major insurers are offering discounts on premiums based on a reduced number of kilometres driven.


Discovery Dynamic Distance Cash Back was introduced as part of Discovery’s response to Covid-19 when people were encouraged to stay at home and consequently drive their cars much less. They have, however, decided to extend their Dynamic Distance discount and make it part of their standard plan terms. 

In order to qualify you need to have Vitality Drive on your plan and the vehicle must have a working DQ Track or Smart Tag installed. Vehicles that drive less than 250km per month will earn up to 25% of their motor premiums back as a premium discount or cashback. This discount is available to all primary drivers listed on the policy.



Santam SmartPark™  brought to you by Santam, could save you up to 20% on your insurance premium if you’re driving less than 15 000km a year.

Santam SmartPark™ is a distance-based insurance benefit, whereby your insurance premium is recalculated and discounted based on the revised number of kilometres you are likely to drive. The plan comes with 3 driving bands. You choose one band based on your predicted annual kilometres and a premium discount is loaded to the policy. The bands are 0-5000km, 5001 to 10000 and 100001 to 15000. This benefit is available to all new and existing policies.



King Price Chilli

A very innovative policy from King Price means you only pay for the kilometres you drive. The Chilli policy amends your premiums at regular intervals based on the kilometres you actually drive and the value of the vehicle. To qualify, clients need to download the King Price Chilli app and submit a kilometre reading monthly – this is necessary to calculate the correct premiums.



Interested in taking advantage of these offers?

It is worthwhile reviewing your car and household insurance on an annual basis to ensure that all your valuables are covered and that where applicable, values are adjusted. For more information and expert advice on these and other offers contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 021 870 1555 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.