2020 Deadline for Mediacl Aid changes

2020 Deadline for Medical Aid changes

Make sure your Medical Aid meets your health needs for 2020

With the deadline of 30 November for medical aid plan changes fast approaching you really should be setting aside a few minutes to review your medical aid:

  • Relook at your current plan and check for any changes planned for 2020 which may adversely affect you and your family
  • Take stock of your family’s health and note any health concerns which will need to be addressed by your medical aid during 2020
  • Contact one of our Rutherford Medical Aid Specialists to discuss issues, consider new options and make changes to your Medical Aid plan where necessary

30 November deadline for medical aid plan changes

Take a look below for 2020 premium increases announced by our major medical aids as well as some of the changes to current benefits planned and new benefits to be introduced.

9,5% average increase for 2020

Despite a challenging medical environment, Discovery keeps innovating

Smart Series

With the resounding success of the Smart Series, Discovery have taken Smart to the next level. For 2020 they’re evolving the Classic Comprehensive Zero MSA into the Classic Smart Comprehensive. Priced the same but packed with loads of Smart Series day-to-day benefits.

The Day-to-Day Extender Benefit

In 2020, the Day-to-day Extender Benefit will cover unlimited pharmacy clinic consultations in our wellness network, as well as video call consultations with a network GP. Members will also have cover for consultations with a network GP, when referred.

The Delta Network of Hospitals

In 2020 the Delta Hospital Network will be expanded to include Life Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria.

Discovery Primary Care for Household Employees

Quality primary healthcare cover for household employees from R249 per mont

Discovery Coaches

Members who experience a life-changing event will have immediate access to comprehensive benefits that fund their access to healthcare; sophisticated managed care programmes that ensure compliance with treatment protocols and clinical guidelines; and digital tools that support them and their doctor with relevant clinical information. In 2020, Discovery Coaches will enhance this access for specific conditions and programmes, to provide relevant support to the member through their healthcare journey.

8.2% average increase for 2020

With a low average contribution increase, Momentum are:

- Retaining their current medical aid structure for 2020,

- Increasing benefits, and

- Creating new plans for untapped markets

Their new plan, The Evolve Option, is intended for a very specific market and offers a range of easy access, wholesome benefits for Millennials.

Momentum Multiply and Health Platform Benefits allows you access to a list of free screenings and gives you monetary rewards called Multiply Money, which can be used on a Multiply VISA Card to cover some of those pesky medical expenses or you can enjoy the rewards at your choice of Multiply Partners. 

Download your Momentum App from your App store and get going!

Ingwe Option

The maternity confinement limit will fall away.

The neonatal intensive care limit will fall away.

Incentive and Extender Options

The in-hospital dentistry co-payment will decrease to R1 500 per authorisation.
There is greater flexibility to spend HealthSaver funds through the Multiply Visa card, such as to pay for education expenses or to boost retirement funds, and overall Multiply cashbacks have been enhanced.


9.9% average increase for 2020

Additional benefits for 2020 despite a tough economic climate

% Increase in day-to-day benefits on certain plans & BonFit will become Bonfit Select

Bonitas enhances its Maternity Benefit:
One of the postnatal consultations can be used to engage with a lactation specialist to maximise the benefits of breast-feeding for mother and child.
Our new moms will also be able to access vouchers offering up to 70% off baby products at a Baby City.

Establishing comprehensive mother and baby support programme. 
With the launch planned before the end of the first quarter of 2020, this programme will give pregnant moms, who are Bonitas members access to a range of benefits including:
24/7 pregnancy care helpline
Dedicated Bonitas care advisors
Pregnancy education SMSs and emails
Online pregnancy education
Bonitas pregnancy events with expert speakers on prenatal and postnatal care

13% average increase for 2020

114 years in the making and still STRONG

Enhanced ante & postnatal consultations with a GP, Gynaecologist or Midwife
Addition of the Insured Child Benefit when your Savings are Depleted
Enhanced Oncology Benefit on Elite Comprehensive
Enhancement of HealthPrint – Medihelp’s Wellness Programme

For more information and advice on Medical Aids speak to your financial adviser or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.