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At Rutherford, we believe in building a relationship that goes beyond traditional financial planning and results in a more valuable financial life-planning experience. We partner with our clients over the long-term, guiding them through the various stages of wealth accumulation and protection, in the realisation of their life-long financial ambitions, through sound, independent advice, personalised investment strategies and exceptional service.

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Inflation Can Destroy Your Savings

Inflation Can Destroy Your Savings Over the past few years, it seemed that inflation had been tamed throughout the world. Now it is back in the news and back in our lives. Experts are divided on whether the recent surge in prices is a temporary phenomenon or ...

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The Importance of having a valid Will

The Importance of having a Valid Will Sadly, if the news headlines of the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that death is inevitable and we’re never too young to plan for it. Death is never a nice thing to think about, but having a valid will ...

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Looking to Structure your Business or Family Wealth Offshore?

South Africans love South Africa! That is an undeniable truth. The country has its problems - but it is our home.  And for many of us, leaving the country is just not an option. Our families are here. Our friends are here. Our businesses are here. Our lives ...

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Rutherford is proudly independent and has partnerships with over 50 top tier South African and International Service Providers.  We are well positioned to offer a full range of risk protection and investment solutions.
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